In 2012, we began our first year farming in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. We are leasing a scenic patch of rolling pastures and woodlands along the Salmon Falls River. We are committed to providing fresh produce and wholesome dairy products to the Seacoast region and farming sustainably. We abide by organic practices and treat our animals with respect while they are in our care. Thank you for your support and come by for a visit! It's always worth seeing the animals out on pasture and driving down Sligo Road.

Brandmoore Farm leases 220 acres of certified organic pasture and grow a 4 acre garden. The area around the farm--originally called Sligo after Sligo, Ireland--was home to some of the first settlements in New Hampshire. Sligo survives as the name of the road along which the farm stretches for the better part of a mile. The land was purchased by the Aikman family in the early part of the 20th century, who operated the farm as both a beef and dairy farm at different times through the years. To ensure its future as a scenic, agricultural property, the land has been placed under conservation easement with the Strafford County Conservation District. Phil and Becky began leasing the land from Robin Aikman beginning in 2012. 

At Brandmoore, we plan to continue a proud tradition of diverse, sustainable farming on the land, and will keep a small herd of dairy cows, along with pigs, chickens and an organic garden. All the animals will be out on pasture during the grazing season, eating organic grasses and legumes while distributing their valuable manure around the fields, fertilizing the soil. We believe wholeheartedly that providing an environment where our animals can express their "physiological distinctiveness," in Joel Salatin's phrase--a cow can munch fresh grass, a pig can root in the ground and a hen can peck and scratch--is good farming practice and, writ large, is a great model for societal health. Healthy animals make healthy, delicious food.

Of course the animals wont be out and about during the winter months, but in the barns in a warm, clean, low-stress environment. Manure is then cleaned from the barns, composted, and spread on our organic vegetable garden, returning nutrients to the soil and completing the production cycle. Vegetables are available seasonally at the farm store and through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

It is important to us that the farm is an inviting place for customers and the community. We will do our best to keep the farm clean (farming is a dirty business) and in good repair. All are welcome and encouraged to visit.