Welcome to our CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farm and the community. Members of a CSA purchase a “share” of the harvest in the spring, and pick up their food throughout the farming season. It’s a great way for farmers to get income when they often need it most, and for members to get fresh food for their families. For the past 7 years, we have run a traditional CSA with weekly scheduled pickups for our vegetables. We also ran a Farm Store debit program called Brandmoore Bucks. This year, we are making a change. In an effort to simplify and make things run more smoothly, we are combining the two programs. We are switching our CSA to a debit style program through the farm store.

With our farm store debit CSA, we want to keep the strong relationship we’ve had with our CSA members, while offering more flexibility. CSA members will be given a '“debit style” card that can be used at our self-serve farm store. Members can come to the farm anytime (we are open daily, year-round) and select any items in the store, including our vegetables, dairy and meat, as well as products from other local producers. We are offering the CSA with three levels.

$200 (5% bonus) = $10 added on
$400 (10% bonus)= $40 added on
$600 (15% bonus)= $90 added on

To purchase a CSA at any level, you can pay by check or check at the farm store or by mail.

70 Sligo Road, Rollinsford, NH, 03869


With all the food choices and other great farms in the area, we thank you for considering our farm.