We started with 4 Gloucester Lineback heritage breed milking cows and now have about 75 total cows, and are milking 20. Over the years we’ve added different breeds, including Jersey, Guernsey and Normande. They are beautiful when they are out on pasture in the summer with their different colors and shapes. They spend their spring, summer and fall out on pasture and they are brought in for milking time once a day. Their calves stay with them to ensure their healthy development and so they can nurse through the day. During the winter, the cows are fed haylage (grass that is cut up and stored for winter) and dry hay that is made on the farm during the summer. All of our dairy products are certified organic and the cows are 100% grass fed.

We believe in the benefits of drinking raw milk as many of our patrons have told us how it helped them! Many people find it easier to digest compared to pasteurized milk; it contains enzymes that help break down the milk and aids in the digestive process. Our milk is tested monthly by a state inspector. 


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Whole Milk Yogurt

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Low Fat Yogurt

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LOW FAT Greek Yogurt

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RAw Cream

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Raw Cheddar Cheese- Stackpole